• ◆ the time being

    • Broiled tea beans

      290 yen

      Popular classic snacks immovable.Carefully selected tea beans with strong sweetness and aroma.

    • Giant shirasu grateful

      390 yen

      Sprinkle fresh on the grated radish tremendously.Please buck with soy sauce.It is refreshing snack.

    • Tomato chilled

      390 yen

      A refreshing taste enhances appetite.Nutrition is also perfect.

    • Stubborn Mr. Kim's direct communication commitment Chanja

      390 yen

      Korean classic snacks that pickled the internal organs with chili peppers.

    • Pickled yam in soy sauce

      330 yen

      It is a dish that will become a habit of unpleasant shakyaki texture and flavor of soy sauce.

    • Tsukishige with wasabi

      430 yen

      After washing cold meat, the horseradish coming up does not accumulate.Come to accompany sake.

    • Firefly squid wasabi

      330 yen

      One item plus the flavor of wasabi in the popular hot squid bean jam.The flavor of a hot pot is condensed and it is perfect for relishes of sake.

    • Assorted pickles

      490 yen

      We picked pickled picked carefully for each season.Ideal for picking something a bit.

    • Selection carefully Poached Tofu

      490 yen

      Tofu sticking to soybean and bittern firmly understand the umami of tofu.

    • Smoked horse tongue

      690 yen

      I smoked a rare horse tongue.It is perfect for shochu and sake.

    • Fukuoka specialty! Broiled mentaiko

      490 yen

      I have to eat this! Hakata specialty Mentaiko.Also accompanied by deferred rice.

    • Uneven cucumber garlic beat pickled

      390 yen

      A cucumber that has been destroyed by tapping and striking the fiber is made of a special taste moderately stained.

  • ◆ salad

    • Steamed chicken and radish sesame sauce salad

      Steamed chicken and radish sesame sauce salad

      590 yen
    • Caesar salad with mature avocados and smoked salmon

      Caesar salad with mature avocados and smoked salmon

      790 yen

      If you are tired of ordinary Caesar salad, you must eat it!

    • Seafood chopped salad

      590 yen
  • ◆ sashimi

    • Fat greeting mackerel

      790 yen

      I made fresh mackerel fried at Misaki Port in the fresh inside.By roasting it is pulling out the charm of a mackerel different from dried mackerel.

    • Octopus hit

      490 yen

      We carefully selected fresh rice and chopped it.Please enjoy the octopus' crispy texture.

    • Tuna clap

      490 yen

      I stick to the lean that I can feel the tuna umami most, I chopped it.Please enjoy the original texture of tuna.

  • ◆ dried fish

    • Saba sanimi

      Saba sanimi

      830 yen

      Salted soy sauce, soy sauce, soaked in miso, we made three kinds of mackerel served.Even the same fish, you can enjoy the flavor of mackerel three times in a pickled manner.

    • Maru dried hatahata in Sakaiminato

      Maru dried hatahata in Sakaiminato

      390 yen

      It is famous for Akita, but it is also famous for Hatahata in Sakaiminato in Tottori.Eat all the small clumps of hata to the bones.

    • Aichi Oshima Tadashi

      Aichi Oshima Tadashi

      490 yen

      Three tails with one tail will go! 嗚 call Relishes that I think it was good to be born in Japan

    • Seared overnight drying

      Seared overnight drying

      290 yen

      I baked Kibinago dried overnight to the extent that the surface burned slightly.It is a taste that makes a very rusty ride with a little bit of oil when you eat hot water.

    • Hime Princess Hara cod Tara

      Hime Princess Hara cod Tara

      290 yen

      There is also an elegant flavor in a pale white flavor, and it grabs the heart of a white fish two.

    • Nemuro Produce Soybean

      Nemuro Produce Soybean

      390 yen

      It was caught under ice, Kamui's body is chewy enough.It is a salted sweetness that spreads enough to chew.

    • Hokkaido book shiso (male)

      Hokkaido book shiso (male)

      590 yen

      The real thrill of Shishamo is elasticity feeling of anything.Taste and texture at the same time please.

    • Opening of Troja

      590 yen

      It is a horse mackerel that has enough fat to be trocolated in the mouth.

    • Grilled Salmon Salmon with Halas

      590 yen

      Rich fat of Hallas does not accumulate.Please eat it to the skin.

    • Natural bracka

      590 yen

      Please give me all the bones except bones.It's irresistible for lovers!

    • Fukuoka specialty Sawada Shinta

      490 yen

      If you have never eaten, please enjoy it! Best combination.

    • Shimane noodle dried round

      Shimane noodle dried round

      590 yen

      A cup of luxury with a sled.Please enjoy the deliciousness of bliss.

    • Opening sweet bream of Nagasaki

      690 yen

      Sweet breams soft on their own.The texture of crisp crust does not get rid of.

    • Opening of a big gold eye bream

      Opening of a big gold eye bream

      1990 yen

      Because it is a luxury fish, it is not a delicious flavor, but a top of purportedness was extremely high, a high-grade fish is a gold eye bream of a corner shop.Nori of fat is also on this.Please relish by all means.

    • Opening of the kinki

      2890 yen

      Very good ride with fat, delicious luxury fish.By baking and making delicious quinch as it is, dried umami is doubling.It is an extreme gem.

    • Opening of semi-auxiliary (half body / one tail)

      Opening of semi-auxiliary (half body / one tail)

      ¥ 790 / ¥ 1490

      It is a dish suitable for both sake and rice.

    • Opening striped hockey (half body / one tail)

      Opening striped hockey (half body / one tail)

      890 yen / 1690 yen

      I have a lot of fat in my hide and I'm stuck.It is crispy by burning with charcoal fire, it is the best dish that confined umami.

  • Yakitori

    • Specialty Extra thick cut beef tongue cooked fire

      Specialty Extra thick cut beef tongue cooked fire

      1490 yen

      A gem of particular attention that used only the carefully selected parts.Baked at high speed with a high-temperature fire of charcoal, confined umami inside, provided at medium rare.Please enjoy the original taste of meat and luxury beef tender which is too soft.

    • Bacon charcoal grilling

      590 yen

      Broil charcoal fire in extremely thick bacon! Bacon feels rich and sweet.

    • Charcoal grilling of raw sausage

      490 yen

      Three types of sausage cooked fire, plain, pepper and basil.Please enjoy the crisp texture and juicy taste.

    • Bonjiri / Hirami / Kawashi / Razor / Sled

      Each 190 yen

      The far infrared effect of the charcoal fire bakes the meat juicily.The smoked effect also works, pulling out the original flavor of the meat.

    • Hinodero

      260 yen
    • 5 pcs set (buckwheat / salt)

      5 pcs set (buckwheat / salt)

      990 yen
  • ◆ Beach cooking

    • Crab miso shell-barbecue 1 piece

      780 yen
    • One huge scallop scallop with shell

      860 yen

      The compatibility of scallops with butter is the best.No complaints on picking sake.Colloli of shellfish sticks also collects.

    • One crowned Prawn shrimp

      480 yen
    • One bowl of squid

      590 yen
    • 1 white clam

      330 yen

      Simply baked with charcoal fire, it is a savory grilled clam.Please come to us.

  • ◆ Grilled vegetables

    • Broiled charcoal fire of lotus root

      390 yen

      Broil of charcoal fire which makes the crunchy texture habitable.We finished with homemade sauce.

    • Charcoal grilling of yam with leather

      390 yen

      A dish featuring Hokuhoku's texture and a slightly natural sweetness by charcoal grilling.Simply use rock salt.

    • Charcoal grilling of long eggplant

      490 yen

      A staple of char-grilled vegetables.How to eat the juicy and umami of eggplants the best.Serve with ginger soy sauce and plenty of bonito!

    • Asparagus pig

      490 yen

      The combination of crispy pork and juicy asparagus is the best! Even as it is, it is a delicious dish even if you put mayonnaise.

  • ◆ or was Tsu temperature

    • Steamed rice crackers with liquor

      590 yen

      Carefully selected large clumps, steamed soup with steamed soup.Soup is also delicious sake steamed.

    • Grilled Broiled Squid

      590 yen

      It is a deep-fried flavor filled with taste.Taste will come out as much as you chew.Please accompany the shochu.

    • Deep-fried tofu

      490 yen

      I wore clothes on soft silk tofu, fried crispy.Put a handmade shop special soup stock and fry fried eggs.

    • Simmered miso with Wagyu beef

      790 yen

      A classic warm snack.I use fresh motes.

    • Eihire

      490 yen

      It is a dish that spreads gently as it can be torn in the mouth, which is lightly cooked with charcoal fire.

    • Potato wrapping

      590 yen

      With a crisp texture, the scent of charcoal and the island will not accumulate.It is a popular classic snack.

    • Grilled tofu fried green onion miso

      490 yen

      Domestic products of Nagaoka city, Niigata Prefecture.It is characterized by 2, 3 times the size and thickness of common fried tofu.Enjoy big fried crispy cooked charcoal fire with special Japanese green onion miso!

    • Char-grilled soft fluffy cheese

      490 yen

      While painting soy sauce on Hanpen, I cooked and baked with charcoal fire.Grind the cheese further, doubles the taste ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0

    • Soup stock winding egg

      490 yen

      Using grated yams, baked and baked rolled out is a popular item of a pair of shoes.

  • ◆ fry

    • Deep-fried cartilage

      390 yen

      Izakaya Popular menu.Colicori's texture does not accumulate.

    • Deep-fried chicken

      490 yen

      The fried chicken in the pub is good for some reason. .Beer and high ball and a cup.

    • Chicken Nanban

      590 yen

      Fried thoroughly with fried southern vinegar, good tartar sauce.It is a dish that invites appetite.

    • French fries (SMALL / LARGE)

      390 yen / 690 yen

      Popularity of immovable.No explanation required.Adults love kids as well.Tentatively ...

    • Famous wings chicken fried chicken fried (4)

      420 yen

      White sweet sauce / black black pepper / red chilli / tea miso secret The seasoning soaked overnight, condensing the flavor of birds.Chicken wings finished with specially made sauce are definitely addictive.Please choose the taste from 4 species.

    • Deep-fried octopus

      490 yen

      Fresh octopus crispy and fried chicken.It is a classic snack.

  • ◆ rice stuff

    • A whole one! Mentaiko rice

      590 yen

      I paddled all of the aged mentaikkimon to the whole rice.

    • Tamago kakugo

      390 yen

      Using a nutritious egg, luxurious egg dish with plenty of condiments.

    • Ochazuke (plum · chan · Mentaiko)

      390 yen
    • Morioka raw cold noodles

      690 yen

      Morioka raw cold noodles boast of crispness.My throat is also great!

    • Soy sauce butter roasted rice ball / Miso grilled rice ball

      Soy sauce butter roasted rice ball / Miso grilled rice ball

      Each 290 yen

      ※ The image is Miso Grilled Onigiri.The soy sauce butter impregnated with rice is cooked with charcoal fire, spreading the appetizing smell./ Miso grilled onigiri of charcoal grilling, the fragrance of lightly baked miso and rice will feel some nostalgia for some reason.

    • Rice set / white rice / miso soup

      290 yen / 190 yen / 190 yen
  • ◆ sweet

    • Shirayama green tea cream sauce

      490 yen

      It is an irresistible dish for the sweet toothpaste full of plenty of white balls and green tea ice cream, bean paste and cream.

    • Black honey flour ice

      Black honey flour ice

      330 yen

      Ice cream full of black honey and mushrooms.Sweet things are different belly!

    • Rich Belgian chocolate ice / squirting pot

      290 yen / 330 yen

      I made rich and elegant Belgian chocolate into ice cream./ Men are the dessert of the dead which can eat as well.